Itinerary of Sardinia

The Costa Esmeralda in the north of Sardinia is a luxury tourist destination of beaches with turquoise water and white sand, which every summer attracts celebrities from around the world. While navigating these coasts, you will experience the heart of the Mediterranean. Disconnect from the stresses of the city and discover how easy it is to charter a boat and to lose time with this amazing and lovely landscape.

Navigation, wind and climate  The wind Mistral always blows to the northwest and creates a perfect climate to navigate all year long. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, the Mediterranean climate of Sardinia permits the tourists to enjoy adorable vacations on this island every moment of the year. Between June and September, the water is ideal for a nice swim. The precipitations are usually in autumn and winter. In November it is getting cold, but it is still not getting so bad than in other places; you can only observe snow on the highest peaks of the area.

Best period  The best period to travel Sardinia is spring and autumn. If your intention is spending a holiday of sun and beach, it is always best to travel in summer, so you can refresh yourself in the warm and clear water.

Itinerary: Portisco-Portisco (7 Días – 88,50 nm)

Day 1: Portisco – Palau (24 nm) Leaving from Portisco, a marina based close to the city Olbia, where the main airport of Sardinia is situated, we are navigating to Palau. The first mandatory stop we do in Porto Cervo, indisputable capital of the Costa Esmeralda and meeting point of the international jet set. This port is defined by luxury, surrounded by golf camps, prestigious boutiques and good restaurants.  Readopting the way to Palau you can amuse yourself by the spectacular forms of the rocks chiseled by the wind. Between these, a curious figure in form of a bear is sticking out: la Roccia dell’Orso.

Day 2: Palau – Budelli/Santa Maria/Razzoli (7 nm) During our second day on board La Maddalena archipelago islands will wait for you! It’s exactly in this place where you can find the most beautiful beaches and bays of Sardinia, according to the locals. We’ll be able to choose among the beautiful pink sandy beach of Budelli’s beach in the north east, the gorgeous Santa Maria Island or the uninhabited Razzoli’s Island. The charming natural unspoilt surroundings of these three islands take part of the protected national Park of La Maddalena.

Day 3: Budelli/Santa Maria/Razzoli – Bonifacio (13 nm) From Sardinia to Corse it seems to be two knots. We”l cross the strait of Bonifacio Mouths that separates the two islands to dock in the natural port of Bonifacio. There the bottom of a precipice will wait for you surrounded by limestone cliffs. The old citadel completes this ensemble of majestic beauty. You cannot miss the experience of droping the 187 steps of Aragon King Stairs, carving directly in the limestone and that they will lead you to the base of the cliff.

Day 4: Bonifacio – Santa Teresa (10 nm) Once back in Sardinia, next step will be Santa Teresa de Gallura, a small town of 5.000 residents, knows as “the small Turin”. It’s not possible to resist to take a swim in its several beaches and coves. The White Reindeer is the most visited of all the town, but also Major Reindeer, Capo Testa, the Santa Reparata, the Eric Valley, the Moon Valley and the Vignola are also worth to be discovered.

Day 5: Santa Teresa – Porto Pollo (9.50 nm) Looking for a little bit of action? The beach of Porto Pollo will be your watersports paradise. Internationally known, especially windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, canoeing and mountain biking, it will also seduce you by its beauty. Its landscape of white sand dunes alternating with stretches of granite cliffs.

Day 6: Porto Pollo – Portisco (20.50 nm) Do not worry, there is still a day to enjoy the luxurious surroundings, natural beauty and silence of the clear waters that embrace the island of Sardinia. If you have not satisfied your views in Portisco you can sleep in the boat you rented and envoy the nightlife of the city. Have fun!

Day 7: Portisco If you get some free time after leaving your boat, we recommend you to order a taxi and get close to the shopping area of Porto Cervo, just half an hour away. Although purchases are not available to anyone worth walking around downtown and enjoy the windows and typical houses flowered balconies of the Emerald Coast.


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