Sailing itinerary for Martinique

Martinique is a French island in the southeastern Caribbean known as the Flower of the Caribbean for its spectacular nature. The northern part of the island is volcanic and has wild vegetation, with surprising black sand beaches. And the southern part is a bit drier and is where most tourist facilities and long white beaches are. We suggest this 7-day sailing itinerary for Martinique to go around the island and discover Caribbean beaches, forests that stretch to the sea and pretty seaside towns.


The best time to sail in Martinique are the months of January, February and March. The sailing season goes from December to May, but the bad weather could surprise you. The months of hurricanes, which are usually from July to October, are the season to avoid. But there may be also in June and November. It is recommended for the less experienced sailors to choose the waters of the Caribbean Sea side, not the Atlantic Ocean, because the Caribbean ones are much quieter. However in the Caribbean waters you must be careful because of coral reefs.

Wind and Weather

Throughout the year the trade winds blow, which are ideal for sailing. In the rainy season the main winds are from the northeast and southeast, and between 10 and 20 knots. During the dry season they are a bit stronger, between 15 and 20 knots, and blow mainly from the northeast. The weather is typical of the Caribbean, with rainy season and dry season instead of four conventional seasons. The temperatures move between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius all year.

Itinerary: Martinique (7 days / 96+NM)

Day 1: Le Marin – Fort-de-France (25NM)

On our sailing itinerary for Martinique we leave Le Marin, the nautical town par excellence of the island, which has more facilities to rent a boat. If we start from the capital Fort-de-France we can change our itinerary and start on Day 2. Starboard we will see Great Diamond Beach and the famous Diamond Rock, which rises in the middle of the sea. Along the way we will pass through the town of Les Anses d’Arlet, famous for its colonial architecture.

Day 2 Fort-de-France – Saint Pierre (12NM)

We wake up in Fort-de-France, where we can buy groceries or visit the capital briefly. We will continue north to Saint Pierre, arriving to the volcanic area of the island. We can see Mount Pelee, which erupted in 1902, destroying Saint Pierre, which at the time was the capital of the island.

Day 3 Saint Pierre – Basse-Pointe (14NM)

We will continue our sailing itinerary for Martinique to the north of the island and finish the day in Basse-Pointe. Along the way we will enjoy Anse Coulevre, one of the most famous black sand beaches of the island. In the area we will see several coves of this kind and we can enjoy the wild nature of the island.

Day 4. Basse-Pointe – Fonds Blancs (17NM)

We continue going around the island, now the water of the Atlantic side. We get to Fonds Blancs, one of the most beautiful areas of Maritinique that can only be visited with a boat.

Day 5. Fonds Blancs (0+NM)

We will spend the day enjoying Fonds Blancs. We can anchor and swim or sail a few miles around the area. It is a place with very calm waters, which some describe as a pool in the middle of the sea. There are parts with very little water and white sand at the bottom gives it its distinctive name, “White Depths”.

Day 6. Fonds Blancs – Anse Trabaud (20NM)

We will leave Fonds Blancs and go to the south of the island. There we can enjoy the Trabaud beach. On one side there is a wonderful forest of palm trees and vegetation. And on the other there is a desert known as Savane des Pétrifications.

Day 7: Anse Trabaud – Le Marin (8NM)

The last day of this sailing itinerary for Martinique we will return to Le Marin. Along the way we will enjoy the beautiful beaches of the town of Sainte Anne. It will be a quiet day, with few miles, and we can relax with all the facilities Le Marin provides for boaters.

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