Sailing itinerary for Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands, in the Indian Ocean, are one of the ultimate beach destinations in the world. We suggest a sailing itinerary for Seychelles of 7 days so you will not miss any of its wonders. With boat rentals in Mahe or Prasilin you will have complete freedom to explore the quiet white sand beaches and swim in its clear waters. Not to mention that this archipelago is very rich in flora and fauna, and that it is an ideal destination for diving lovers.


The whole year is perfect for navigating Seychelles, but the currents are slightly stronger between November and March. Mooring on the natural reserves or overnight in some islands may be subject to an additional charge. And remember that anchoring on the coral is prohibited. You can check travel recommendations before departure.

Wind and weather

Between December and March the wind blows from the northwest, while between May and September it blows from the southeast. Especially for sailing it would be convenient to have these winds in mind when planning an itinerary. Northwest winds bring rain during the winter months. But luckily this archipelago does not suffer the cyclones that affect other parts of the Indian Ocean, and a sailing itinerary for Seychelles is really pleasant.

Itinerary: Mahe – Praslin – La Digue – Mahe (7 days / 106 NM)

Day 1: Mahe – Silhouette (19NM)

We set sail from Mahe and head west toward the island of Silhouette. This island is perfect for enjoying nature, since it has a large primeval forest and protected species of Seychelles giant tortoises. If our departure port is Praslin, we could vary the itinerary starting on Day 4.

Day 2. Silhouette – Ste. Anne (17NM)

We continue admiring nature these first days and we go back south to Sainte Anne Marine National Park. It is formed by six islands, and Ste. Anne is the largest one. Its coral reefs are perfect for snorkelers and scuba diving.

Day 3. Ste. Anne – Cousine – Praslin (20NM)

On our sailing itinerary for Seychelles we will be heading north and pass by the Cousin and Cousine islands. They are private islands and home to several species of protected birds and giant tortoises. Finally we will moor in Praslin for the night.

Day 4. Praslin – Cote d’Or (7NM)

Day in Praslin. We wake up in the south of the island and we will sail to the northern part bordering Praslin in the west, to the Cote d’Or. If you like, you can discover the island of Curieuse and enjoy its small beaches. But if you prefer livelier places, you can head to the long beach of Cote d’Or.

Day 5. La Digue (5NM)

Here begin our relaxing days in exclusive beaches. If we like, we can sail closer to the small northern islands, or spend a whole day enjoying La Digue, its white sand and its picturesque little houses.

Day 6. Felicité – Marianne – Soeur Islands (8NM)

Day for paradisiacal beaches. In the islands north of La Digue (the larger ones are Felicité, Marianne and Soeur Islands) you can navigate at your leisure and enjoy the peace and beauty of the landscape. We will consider, therefore, restrictions on our boat mooring by the owners of some of these islands.

Day 7. Mahe (30NM)

Return to Mahe, home of Seychelles’ capital city: Victoria. We can end our sailing itinerary for Seychelles there and enjoy the entertainment of this island, the largest in the archipelago. After a few hours, we will want to stay forever in this paradise of the Indian Ocean.


-Header photography by Jean-Marie Hullot

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