TOP10 Best Sailing Apps (part 1)

In the XXI century, paper maps are cool and vintage, but sometimes there are much more useful applications for your smartphone. Or at least, complementary to the traditional sailing tools. From BoatBureau we present the TOP10 Best Sailing Apps, an applications list that will make your life easier and fun on board. Here are the places 10 to 6:

10. The Racing Rules of Sailing

Payment (€3.82 – €4.99). Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

Designed for competition, this App opens our TOP 10. It collects the rules of racing for the 2013-2016 period and includes the recommendations of the US Sailing Association.

9. Boat Beacon

Payment (€ 7.99 – € 9.99). Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

It allows you know, real time, your position and the ones of the nearest ships to avoid collisions and other hazards. It works in the background so you can give other uses to your smartphone and be protected anyway.

8. BoatBook Sailing Log

Free. Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

This App offers a logbook in your Smartphone. It tracks the route you make and saves it so you can check it later. It offers forecasts for the route you plan to do, tells you your position and speed, and allows you to orient yourself.

7. Useful Knots

Free. Android

racing rules iconracing rules

Useful Knots is a complete guide of the knots that you need if you sail. It offers graphics so you can learn to make them and a description of their type and usage.

6. My Tide Times

Free. Android and IOS

racing rules iconracing rules

It is our chosen one for the necessary information about the tides. Besides giving you the weather forecast, you can check the amplitude and time forecast of the tides in over 30 countries. It also provides information on ocean currents in the United States and Canada.


You can check here the places 5-1 of the TOP10 Best Sailing Apps


– Credits of the logos and images of the apps to Google Inc.,, Sky Map Devs, Windfinder, Bitmetric Technologies, jRuston Apps, Neptuns Apps, Boatbook, Electric Pocket and US Sailing. All the images used above have only an informative purpose on this blog, not a commercial one.

– Credits of the header image to Olle Eriksson under the CC attribution license.

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